Basic and (mostly) Free Resources to Begin Your Web Development Journey

Have you ever had an interest in web development…but you’re unsure whether or not you would enjoy it? I remember being EXTREMELY hesitant about the idea. I spoke to some friends and colleagues about how they got started. A friend said he had taken college courses, but mostly had learned with a mentor, a few attended coding bootcamps, and some told me about a few websites that they had begun learning through.

I did the research regarding bootcamps and college courses, and it seemed like a good idea…but you know…money($)? Or lack there is of money, or maybe just jumping into such a large financial investment, and not being too sure if you even enjoy web development and coding. Any ways, there can be multiple reasons to stop someone from pursuing this path, but I here to share with you a few of my personal favorite resources that are a pretty small investment if any for you to get started.

Overall my favorite one would have to be Code School . Create an account, and with your free account you can pretty much be able to try a substantial amount of content.

Just a few things Code School has to offer

With no cost, you can learn the basics of C#, Python, SQL, Ruby, Rails, Git, Javascript, JQuery, AngularJS, etc. If you want to get crazy then you can sign-up for their paid membership which has options for monthly $29 or annual of $149.

I did the monthly subscription because I wanted to get more of the Javascript content that they have available. They have excellent videos, slides, and a community to utilize. The exercises are built like a game so it’s actually pretty entertaining.

Although free and is available on Code School, their Ruby content(it’s the same as Try Ruby)is not the best. It feels like you’re going through the motions without really knowing the reasoning behind what you’re doing, and there’s no easy way to go back to a previous lesson if you feel like you’ve missed something. ; CodeSchool

If you’re interested in a free learning resource for Ruby use Code Academy. As I find that there is a lot more explanation about Ruby for you to utilize.

Code Academy Ruby

LinkedIn’s also has a free trial you can try if you would like to use a company that you’re more familiar with and have some familiarity with.


Here are also a few books that I have that has been helping me in my journey.

JavaScript & JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development by Jon Duckett
HTML & CSS: Design and Build Websites [also] by Jon Duckett

These two books are sold separately for roughly $24 on Amazon or as a set for $31. Great value and I like that there are lots of pictures and examples as well as an easy to use the index to use as reference tools.

Another book that really helped me get a better grasps of Ruby is:

The Ruby Programming Language: Everything You Need to Know 1st Edition by David Flanagan and Yukihiro Matsumoto (aka Matz the person that invented the Ruby language).

The only caveat about this book is that it is not for someone who is completely new to web development and coding. There are a lot of very technical terms in this book, but I have found that it is the most comprehensive book for the Ruby language.

If you have been hesitant about delving into coding and web development you now have some resources. There is no excuse not to jump in and give it a try! Check these sites out and let me know about your experiences and if you’ve found some additional resources.